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Red, Bite, and Blue

Knowing there can only be one victory, a uniquely American fiend battles an old English vampire across centuries for the girl they both want.

Mr.Gross Out

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If a TV director doesn’t become a contestant on his own gross-out reality show his crew will be fired, but if he does participate he could lose his wife.

The Deer

A man who hides out with his daughter in a remote, quiet Gold Rush town in the California foothills is pursued by a policeman who claims that the girl is actually his daughter. Their personal drama is soon enveloped by the politics and environmental concerns and they learn that quiet doesn’t mean sedate and remote is a misnomer with today’s technology.

The Orphans

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ET meets Repo Man.

Back to the Front

After two drunk, despondent time travelers survive Gettysburg, the hero falls in love and must choose between his new reason for living and stopping his nefarious buddy from changing history.

Valley Fever

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Elmer Gantry meets Something Wicked This Way Comes.


Teenagers rebel against society in a remote foothill county that is completely walled in and controlled by aging Baby Boomers devoted to recreation and life away from the stress of the outside world.

The Gayrage

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Lenora Tice’s party garage, shared by her gay neighbors, becomes a battlefield when her secret agent, homophobic dad show up from D.C. with a right-wing hit team hot on his trail.

The Goldmine

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A young dot-com millionaire (aren’t they all just out of high school?) will lose control of his company unless he uncovers a hidden treasure in California’s Gold Country foothills.

Santa Claws

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Pete’s Dragon visits for the holidays.

Riviera Reveille

During the racial tension of the 60’s, a white U.S. sailor stationed on the French Riviera struggles to repay the black recruit who saved his life.

Love or Fear

A playboy tormented by odd phobias uses past-life regression to find out why he is obsessed with a divorcee he doesn’t even like.

There Once Was a Note

An aging rocker obsessed with being cool, is jealous of his stepson’s biological cowboy father and commit’s a crime that allows a fiend to cross over and steal music, and his son, from this dimension.

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